My seedling is growing. 20170411_070236


Power Pressure Cooker XL

I received a Power Pressure Cooker XL from work and decided to finally use it. It makes perfect rice and I can finally use dry beans.

It took some getting used to. The lid was tricky until I learned how to put ring on inner lid and latch the lid down.

I made sushi rice and black beans



 I put some seeds in an old water bottle with soil and water. I don’t remember what seeds I used. I haven’t even checked the bottle in over a week. 

Beans again

Finally had to put beans in crockpot. Soaking over night didnt make them soft :/


I have been unsuccessful with dry beans. I am trying the over night soaking method with a handful of northern beans and black beans.

vegan pizza

My daughter found this pizza today at Plum Market. Just wow, flatbread crust was tasty. It was so good that we ate the whole thing.

winter break over

My last day of sleeping in and break from work is over 😦 My plans did not get accomplished but I half assed put up lights I wanted.

  Tomorrow is catch up day so I probably won’t begin work until Tuesday. This cold weather got me so lazy.